The Board of County Commissioners

Your County Commissioners are elected to four-year terms. Your Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) is an administrative and policy-making body established and empowered by the State of Colorado. As such your Board of County Commissioners has only such powers and authority granted it by the General Assembly of the Colorado State Legislature.

El Paso county government is a political subdivision of state government and exists to carry out the will of the state. Counties and municipalities in Colorado are not independent governmental entities that exist by reason of sovereign authority (Colorado Constitution, Article XIV and CRS 30-10-306).

Colorado counties having a population of 70,000 or more may have a three or five-member board of commissioners. In 1976 the voters of El Paso County chose to have a board of five commissioners, with each Commissioner elected to represent a district. A board of county commissioners may change the boundaries of commissioner districts, or create new ones, in odd-numbered years. In addition, this shall be done after each federal census of the United States to assure that such districts shall be as nearly equal in population as possible (CRS 30-10-306).

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